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The global virtual bar experience

Grab a drink. Connect. Enjoy. Make new like-minded friends over a drink, from home. Free, faster and safer than any bar.

Going out, while staying at home? Step-by-step

1. Grab a drink
Any drink you like and directly from your fridge! An ice-cold beer, bubbly champagne, a cup of tea or an aromatic glass of red wine to wind down the day - your choice!
Get ready to go out
2. Connect
Now you’re ready to join the virtual bar! Connect with Facebook to create an account, capture some preferences (spoken languages, areas of interest), test your camera and get started!
3. Enjoy
That’s it. You’re in and out at the same time! Make new friends over a drink, from home. Video chat with a group of up to 5 like-minded people, personalise your virtual bar atmosphere and add more fun with face filters. Cheers!
Make new friends

Our pricing plans

Our base plan is free forever (yes!). You can get a premium plan with special feature for an even better experience with us.

FREE plan

You can access all core functionalities of with this.
Unlimited video bar sessions
You can have as many sessions as you want.
Unlimited time per session
You can stay as long as you want and have fun!
Selected face filters
More fun with our standard face filters (on compatible browsers)!
Change the bar background
Adjust the atmosphere to your mood, relax and chill.
Block annoying people
You can block a member and if most people do that, it gets kicked out of the bar.
Ask for more features
Share your feedback with us and improve the experience!


Our premium plan includes all core features + additional special benefits
per month
All free plan features
That's right, all core features are included.
1-1 connections
You can share your contact details directly and discreetly with a specific member if you wish so you can stay in touch.
Secure subscription
Pay securely via Stripe, a world leader in digital payments

Our new friends from home say...

Tom:"I was always skeptical about meeting new people online, but after trying, I’ve changed my perspective! It’s a new way to relax at home, everyone should try once to check it out.”
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    online video chat evangelist
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    digital bar addict
group video chat promoter
online video chat evangelist
digital bar addict

Make new friends here!

Curious? Here you go! (free, fun, now)
Q: Why do I need to log in with Facebook? (easier)
Safer, faster, better. No need to remember email/password combination. Just get a drink and login at light speed.
Q: Can I invite friends to (yes)
Yes and no. You can share on Facebook or other platforms and your friends can register. You might join the same bar, who knows?
Q: Can I join the same bar again? (maybe)
Maybe. But it depends on your selected interests and who is connected to the system at the same time. We match people based on language and interest and you might end up in a different bar or the same. Just come back and chill.
Q: Can stay in touch with people I met at the bar? (yes)
Send them an invitation when you are in the bar! If they want to reach out to you, the can as we will send them your nickname and your email address (that’s all).
Q: How much does it cost? (way cheaper than a real bar)
Our platform has a free forever plan, no credit card, no commitment. Yes, you pick a drink from your own fridge so this is not entirely free, you need a laptop/desktop/tablet, electricity and an internet connection. And clothes. Besides that, it is free forever (yes we might have paid plans later but there will always be a free plan).
Q: Do I have to drink alcohol? (be yourself)
NO. You drink whatever you have on hand at home and that is legal for you in your country. Tea. Water, Coffee, Beer, Whiskey, whatever you would pick in a real bar.
Q: Who will I meet? (new friends)
We will hand-pick them for you. Based on the languages you speak fluently and your areas of interest. You can meet up to 5 new people in each bar session. Yes, our algorithm is that smart. Just sit and relax.
Q: How long do I stay in a bar? (up to you)
Like in a real bar, it is up to you. You have fun, you stay. You want a change, you change. We suggest you give a chance to people to get to know you so maybe you have a drink and a chat for some time and decide. Chill.
Q: What can I do once I am inside the bar? (have fun)
Well, say hi, cheers, enjoy a drink and a chat with like-minded people. You can change the atmosphere by picking a background and and play around with the various face filters that we have for you! (hint: you will always look good)
Q: Can I block annoying people? (yes you can)
Yes you can. They won’t see or hear you and vice-versa. Having said that maybe you can give everyone a chance to get to know each other. If half of the bar members ban someone, that person is kicked out of this bar for good! (hint:better than a real bar)
Q: Do you respect my privacy? (yes)
We won’t display or share real information about you with anyone unless you ask us to (for example when you want to send your details to a specific participants). You chose a nickname, that’s pretty much all that people know about you. Your profile cannot be searched, selected or browsed.
Q: Can I use on a mobile? (...)
The best bar experience takes place at home. Get a drink from your fridge, sit back on a sofa with your laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet and enjoy making new friends over a drink. Using a mobile phone on the go is impractical, so for now, we only support larger devices.
Q: Can I suggest new features? (we are listening)
Your opinion matters more than anything to us. After each bar session, you can suggest improvements and provide your feedback so we can align our roadmap to your aspirations.
Q: Where is this bar by the way? (30 seconds away) is everywhere, but specifically inside your home. We bring the bar experience to your home, enabling you to make new friends over a drink. You will meet like-minded people and video chat with them, anytime, from the comfort of your home.
Q: Why is it safer than any other bar? (you are here)
Going out for drinks can be great, but it can also be less great. You have to go there (5 minutes away, an hour away), take transportation or drive, with drinks, you may not want to drive that much. Having fun in a bar is cool but you may not always meet people that you like. With, you enjoy the safety of staying at home and get less exposed to potential outdoor issues.
Q: What browsers do you support? (many)
We love most browsers, but for a better experience, you should use a device with a large screen in landscape mode (desktop, laptop, tablet), like this: Windows (Chrome, Edge), macOS (Safari or Chrome), iOS for iPad (face masks won’t work there), Android (Chrome)