Live conversations so much better than texting! Video chat now! blog Why are live conversations so much better than texting?

Why are live conversations so much better than texting?


Nowadays more and more people believe that talking to other people is way much better than just texting to them. What is more, quality live conversations are more effective when it comes to building relationships or getting to know others. But why does face to face communication perform better in the long-term or even in short-term relationships? And most importantly, why should you choose it instead of texting? In this article, we collected some amazing benefits of live conversations and we want to share these insider tips with you. Caution! If you read this article, we guarantee that you will never want to get to know someone through texting again.

Live conversations allow you to see the other person’s gestures and mimicry

It is already better than texting, right? Instead of emojis, gifs and misunderstood texts face to face communication allows you to see the other person’s reactions on what you are saying and on what you are doing at that exact moment. This is magnificent because with this you can avoid major misunderstandings and awkward moments that sometimes even end the relationship you try to build.

What is more, gestures and mimicry are more important in relationships than you would think. According to researches, people who see the other one and communicate with each other in person (video calls also belong to this so-called in-person group) are more likely to trust each other than those who use texting and email for communication. Additionally, live conversations help people to get to know each other better and with this become friends or partners and maintain a long-term relationship.

All of the above-mentioned information is extremely important to know if your goal is either to make friends or find your future life partner.

Moreover, don’t forget that both gestures and mimicry are very important in our communication because with the help of these we are able to express ourselves in a different way. For instance, imagine that how would you know if someone likes you if you two were not seeing each other face to face and you weren’t able to see the other person’s smile or lovely gestures.

Because all of these, we can confidently say that talking to people is better than texting and live conversations allow you to see and feel what the other one thinks.

Live conversations help you to get to know other people’s real personality

Has it ever happened to you that you have been texting with someone for months and when you finally met, the person was totally different than you imagined? Unfortunately, we have already heard about lots of cases like this. What is more, there is even a TV show based on stories like this. Because of that, we can confidently say that texting isn’t the most effective way to build long-term relationships, but live conversations are perfect for this purpose.

Communicating face to face with someone allows you to get to know the real personality of the other person. In live communication, if you ask a question from someone, that one will probably answer to it immediately, because nobody is really thinking a lot about the answer they should say, they just express their true thoughts that come into their mind. Because of this, life communication is much more honest than texting where people can correct themselves a hundred times before they send a message or in some apps, they can correct themselves even after the message was sent.

What is more, some people are also very bad at communicating via text messages or emails. If you are one of these, live communication is perfect for you. With communication face to face with others, you don’t have to worry about what the other one will think after that one read your message because you will know his or her thoughts immediately on the spot.

In-person communication is faster than texting

This sentence above is might be surprising for you, but it’s true. Talking to people is better than texting and it is also faster. It has happened all of us that we were waiting for a message for hours, days or weeks and it has never arrived. Or the other person just forgot to text us back and because of this we missed and event or a special sale. All of this above-mentioned stuff can be annoying and they can cause frustration as well. In contrast, talking to people is a more honest and also a faster way.

Why is it faster? The first and the most obvious thing is that you don’t have to wait for long minutes or hours until the other texts back. Secondly, if someone doesn’t like you, you can find it out immediately and you don’t have to waste your time on messages and texts and hoping that the other person likes you back.

Talking to people is better than texting because it gives you the opportunity to find the right person for yourself and avoid those whole aren’t really your types.

Additionally, if you are talking to someone, all of the things that were mentioned in the previous paragraphs are true too. These are honest communication, gestures, and mimicry and getting to know the other person’s real personality. All of these will help you to find the right friend or life partner that you are looking for. In contrast, if you are just texting with others you will not be able to find out the other one’s real personality, honest opinion, and feelings until you see each other.

Talking to people is better than texting because it reduces the feeling of loneliness

According to researches, almost 50% of the popularity is suffering from loneliness these days. This number used to be smaller before the current situation, but not significantly. Why are so many people affected by this problem? It’s commonly known that nowadays we live in a fast-changing world and because of this, we don’t really have time for our relationships. What is more, if we have time for a little relaxation or holiday, we like to make these activities alone, because it is easier this way. Moreover, we don’t really meet our friends and family anymore, because in most cases we communicate them via texts. Sadly, we don’t realize that with this behavior we are getting more and more lonely that affects our everyday life, our health, and our relationships. Fortunately, we can solve all of the problems that were mentioned above, if we start focusing on face to face communications instead of texting. With this, we will be able to reduce the feeling of loneliness and isolation.

Additionally, it is also interesting to know that even just watching someone’s face can be a happy experience, but if we want to make sure that our social skills are maintained and developed consciously we have to make live conversations from time to time. With this we can successfully reduce the feeling of loneliness, furthermore, we can make new friends and can also keep in touch with our most beloved already existing ones and with our family members.

All of these above-mentioned reasons proof successfully, that talking to people is better than texting.

Face to face communication provides you with real-life experience and stimulates your brain

Without seeing each other’s faces we might feel that we don’t even talk to a living creature. That’s because face to face communication is amazing. It doesn’t matter if we meet the other person in a café or we talk with him or her through Skype or Hangouts that type of communication where we can see the other one’s face and hear the other person’s voice is more than valuable.

What is more, during the last couple of decades people got used to in-person conversations, and because of this, our brain developed itself into that direction that it became even more and more appropriate for a face to face communication. It’s not a surprise that because of this, we should not allow ourselves to suffer from a lack of in-person communication.

Having real conversations with people instead of just texting them provides us a real-life communication experience, develops our social skills, and helps to develop our brain too. What is more, if we choose this type of communication over emails and texting we can be sure that we won’t feel lonely, furthermore, we will be able to make friends any time and everywhere.

Takeaways To sum up, what do we suggest for those who want to talk to people in-person instead of just texting to them? What is more, how can you make new friends or find your life partner easily? You don’t have to do anything but follow the next steps: Be open and focus on in-person communication instead of texting or emailing. Don’t allow to anyone or to any situation to limit your opportunities for live conversations. If you don’t want to go out in a traditional way or the next bar is far away from you, don’t worry. There are many online bars that provide a real bar experience for you at your home. With this, you will be able to communicate face to face with people and have a bar-quality drink at the same time. Before you choose a bar like this, make sure that it has good quality and it provides anything that is necessary for a great experience.

Last but not least, we hope that with our article we could show you effectively why talking to people is better than texting. What is more, if you are interested in similar content like this, check our other blog posts as well.